VFO Memberships

VFO Hub is an exclusive, invitation-only community for elite CPAs and Family Office Leaders. If you meet our strict membership requirements, we welcome you to Join our community!


VFO Hub Membership Requirements:

  • Active CPA License in “good standing” and/or a leadership position with a Single or Multi-Family Office
  • One (1+) or more clients with an adjusted gross income of at least $1 Million per year
  • Must exhibit passion and burning desire to deliver a world-class client experience, while make a significant impact in their lives

Membership Value

The value of all of these unique resources and services listed below is over $100,000 per year, and there is no other association or organization that offers anything comparable.


VFO Hub Members typically generate between 10X to over 100X times the cost of the membership in additional revenue for their firms as a result.

VFO Hub Membership

$4995.00 Initiation Fee / $1095.00 / Year – Starting Year Two (2)

  • Due Diligence Project™ (DDP) Participation and Membership
  • “Constantly Updated Due Diligence Notes, Including: Risk/Reward and ROI Analysis” on Hundreds of Sophisticated, Peer-Reviewed Tax Strategies Compiled By Over 200 Independent CPA Firms, Family Office Leaders, and Thought Leaders
  • VFO Hub Network of Best-in-Class-Resources™ , Specialists and Thought Leaders
  • Access to International Tax Resources and Specialists in 38 Countries
  • Access to World-Class CPA/VFO Coaching That is Guaranteed To Maximize Your Revenues/Profits
  • Access to VFO Academy: 20+ Hours of VFO Credits Per Year - Live Education and Recorded Modules Available (24/7/365)
  • Certified VFO Professional Designation
  • World-Class Custom Designed Solutions using the Revolutionary Fact Pattern Analytics™ System [Providing Strategic Leverage™ & Client Control / Eliminating 3rd Party Referral Risk]
  • VFO Marketing Material to Differentiate from Competitors - Customizable Email Templates, Proven Scripted Conversation
  • Exclusive VFO Community - Live Monthly Video Conferences with our Members, Thought Leaders and Specialists
  • Virtual Family Office Best Practices
  • Dedicated 24/7 VFO Hub Facilitator Support
  • Deliver World-Class Value to your Clients while Differentiating Yourself from Competitors