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Money Matters Top Tips with Adam Torres

Alex Sonkin Founder of Virtual Family Office Hub is interviewed in this episode. Alex helps elite CPAs build a virtual family office with best in class resources.  Listen to the podcast here: https://www.moneymatterstoptips.com/podcast/episode/28ec00f4/alex-sonkin-founder-of-virtual-family-office-hub
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Virtual Family Office Hub Certified Professionals – Why They Are Unique

WHAT Makes Virtual Family Office (VFO) Hub Professionals Unique? VFO Hub Certified Professionals are supercharged by the Virtual Family Office (VFO) Hub, which has leveraged technology to allow affluent business owners to gain access to the resources that were traditionally only available to Billion Dollar Families. We provide our clients with one touch access to…
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Helping CPAs Supercharge Their Businesses

Listen to Alex Sonkin’s, CEO of Virtual Family Office Hub, interview with Richard Muscio and Joe Vecchio In an interview with Richard Muscio and Joe Vecchio, Alex Sonkin discusses what a Family Office is and how the Virtual Family Office empowers CPAs to become the most valuable asset to their clients. He also explains how…
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