Anthony Bird, CPA

Managing Partner, Cornerstone Wealth Strategies
“I tempered my enthusiasm regarding my expectations for the VFO Academy. I have attended continuing education training sponsored by the AICPA, the American Bar Association and many of the country's top tax law schools for years. For the most part, that training has been excellent. The problem is that when you attend these multi-day programs, it's difficult to fill your schedule with content that is relevant to your personal business needs. You almost always attend some sessions because you need the hours, but the topic or content is entirely irrelevant to what you do every day in your practice. The quality of this program was second to none that I have previously attended! I cannot tell any of you enough what a great, great job you have just done!! It takes a team to pull this off. No matter the vision of those in charge of the ship, it takes a serious team effort to achieve such an outstanding result. Maybe you guys can't even appreciate the magnitude of your accomplishment because you haven't attended 40 hours of continuing education per year for the past thirty years, but please accept my most sincere and respectful congratulations. I plan to associate with each of you and your organization as long as you find my participation beneficial to everything you want to accomplish. I could not be more proud to say I am associated with each of you. Yours is a beautiful organization, made up of beautiful individuals! Bravo!”

Tim Voorhees

Principal Partner, Million Voorhees Ziebold LLP dba Family Office Law
"CPAs around the country benefit greatly because Alex has unique talents as both a successful business owner and an experienced trainer. He has refined advanced methods for training financial professionals since 1994. Alex knows how to help CPAs collaborate with competent investment and insurance professionals to offer high net worth (“HNW”) and high taxable income (“HTI”) clients powerful solutions not previously available through CPA firms. Alex serves each CPA and advisory team with professionalism based on solid core values. It’s a pleasure working with Alex."

John C Capps, VFO, CPA PC

“Working with Alex & the VFO Hub, I’ve been able to get paid (handsomely) for work I was previously unable to charge for. By using the proven techniques learned thru the VFO Hub resources and the VFO Academy, we are increasing our high level client engagement by 40-50% and raising our net per client exponentially. Having the support of the VFO Hub and the coaching/resources, we now have the ability to dominate in our market with confidence. The support is there whenever we need it and Alex has been a great coach.“

Matt Fargo, CPA

Partner, Kurz Fargo LLP
“I have been to a lot of training, as I used to be an instructor for a national firm. This training is unique. It has brought a lot of new ideas and opportunities to our firm. This is exactly what we were looking for, and we have been looking for something like this, especially for our high-end clients which we serve. We could not find anything like this anywhere else. Working with Alex and his team have been amazing, and they have brought in some extremely qualified specialists as thought leaders and resources. We have not been able to find this type of experience anywhere else.”

Robert Williams, CPA

Founder, Williams Accountancy Corporation
“Working with Alex and the amazing team that VFO Hub has assembled has truly changed my business and my life. They have taught me a number of tax and cost mitigation strategies that I have never seen anywhere, and have helped me to look amazing in front of my clients. I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done for me and my business.”

Sherry Tolbert, VFO, CPA

“Alex is a true champion of CPAs - he's got a great way of pulling together the highest quality professionals to support our clients. They work together to educate us on their approaches and the benefits to the clients so that we can present the opportunities with confidence. Alex's team works to keep everything running smoothly so that the great results are front and center. Clients truly benefit from the outstanding work of the team - it's a great privilege to be able to present highly vetted solution to solve our clients’ problems and help them come out ahead from our efforts.”
John Matthews

John Matthews, CPA

Matthews Virtual Family Office
“Alex, I have been watching the training videos.  They are fantastic.  I am through almost all of them. I love the material, and I like your approach of doing the videos, so that your VFOs can learn efficiently and get 80% up to speed without taking up your or the presenter's time with rookie questions.  Great stuff.  Oh also I love the direction I am going with all things VFO, I think it fits my skill set perfectly.”