Benefits & FAQs

VFO Hub Members gain Exclusive Access to:

World-Class Education


Custom-Designed Solutions to Complex Challenges


Live, Video Monthly Gatherings with the Global Community of VFO Hub Members, Specialists and Best-In-Class Resources (™)


A Complete, Proven, Simple Marketing / Communication System to Differentiate and Win


How do closed networks like Family Offices, Multi-Family Offices, Virtual Family Offices and Leading CPA Firms gain access to the best-in-class resources, ideas, and solutions, without third-party referral risk, from the brightest people in the country, when the best and the brightest don’t want to work for them exclusively?

How do Virtual Family Offices and Leading CPAs separate themselves from competition and offer an irresistible value proposition?

The VFO Hub Difference


VFO Hub is designed as an open platform, offering best-in-class resources™ and services in every specialty that a Family Office or Leading CPA firm would need to serve their most affluent clients.

VFO Hub makes these carefully vetted resources available immediately to our Members so they know what they need to handle a challenging project.

And when our Members require a comprehensive solution where more than one resource is needed to operate in a team environment, VFO Hub facilitates the ability to efficiently access the very best ideas from multiple experts from the global community of specialists using a proprietary collaborative process that eliminates risk and makes you look amazing as the quarterback of this world-class team.

VFO Hub was originally introduced to the Family Office and CPA marketplace in 1996, and its Facilitators have been perfecting this revolutionary model ever since, as they SUPERCHARGED the firms they were supporting.

Not only are each of the specialists carefully vetted through an arduous, multi-step process, but each of the specialists are trained by VFO Hub Facilitators on how to work inside the VFO Hub proprietary model – in order to make you, the VFO Hub Member (not the specialist), look amazing in the eyes of your very best clients.

VFO Hub Membership enables you to enjoy incredible leverage and control over each project while saving you incredible amounts of time and energy.

The Benefits of Offering a VFO Solution:

    • Become more significant in the lives of your clients
    • Become more attractive while dominating your competition
    • Give your clients a better story to tell about you to their friends and partners
    • New revenue streams for your firm

More (500+%) revenue per client

  • More time outside of the office for what’s most important
  • Access to Best in Class Independent Resources who analyze every aspect of each strategy, providing a true fiduciary platform that our network can trust
  • Eliminate the following risks:
    • 3rd party referral risk
    • Lack of expanded brain trust risk
    • Lack of independent, fiduciary system to evaluate opportunities
    • Clients may outgrow your risk

Frequently Asked Questions:

A traditional Family Office or Multi Family Office provides ultra-wealthy families one-stop access to financial resources (CPA, Attorney, Advisor, etc.) who work as a team to handle all of the financial aspects for the family, saving them time, energy and giving them a central point of contact (Family Office CEO) to handle all of those moving parts. The VFO is not built with the best local resources who are willing to work as w-2 employees inside a traditional family office. What we have found is that the best specialists and attorneys in the world, do not want to work as w-2 employees for anyone, including Goldman Sachs or Deloitte. The Virtual Family Office (VFO) Hub has been attracting, vetting and organizing a network of world-class professionals and specialists over the last two decades, because of technological advances like the internet, email and virtual conferencing. The VFO Hub builds and organizes Virtual Family Offices (VFOs) using the very Best-In-Class Resources™, specialists, and attorneys from around the globe, making it impossible for traditional Family Office to compete.

To qualify as a VFO, you must first meet the VFO Hub Membership Requirements to qualify for acceptance as a member, and successfully complete the VFO educational requirements through the VFO Academy. This comprehensive educational program will outline every step of the VFO Best Practices, introduce you to your network of Best-In-Class Resources™, and teach you our proprietary VFO Hub system of accessing/delivering their wisdom/world class solutions to your clients without third-party referral risk. Once you pass your VFO Certification Exam, you will earn your prestigious VFO Designation and be Certified!

When you successfully share your decision to offer the VFO Solution to your very best clients, your clients will see you as much more than just a CPA. They will see you as the Quarterback to the Dream Team they always wanted to have as their preferred go-to-professional. You will now be able to help them reach their goals faster, and simultaneously give them an amazing story to tell about you to their friends and partners. You will be able to reduce their business expenses and unnecessary taxes like never before, which means you will be delivering tremendous value to their bottom line from the very beginning.

You can offer either 1) a Full Service VFO Solution to your clients for a flat yearly fee or 2) charge them on a project basis. The proprietary conversation that outlines your VFO offering is truly the game changer. Whether your clients choose the flat fee or the project-based pricing options, either way, you have a winning situation. Your clients will now see you as their Virtual Family Office CEO, with access to Best-In-Class Resources from around the globe. How can anyone compete with you at that point?

Membership Fee is only $4950.00 per year (or alternatively $1595.00 Initiation + $295.00 / Mo), and it includes access to Fact Pattern Analytics, Live Educational Webinars, Scripted Conversations and Emails, as well as Marketing Material to help you launch your VFO Campaign.

Currently, the VFO Hub is only accepting highly qualified Family Office Professionals and elite CPAs as possible Members who meet the VFO Hub Membership Requirements.

If a prospective Member does not meet all of the Membership Requirements, they can interview for additional consideration. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.

VFO Education is made available through the VFO Academy and includes the following components:

  • Live Video Conferences throughout the year where thought leaders and specialists provide cutting edge education on: Virtual Family Office Best Practices, Innovative Marketing Ideas, Advanced Tax and Cost Mitigation Strategies, as well as Exclusive Opportunities for Family Office Clients
  • One-on-one, live coaching with our experienced VFO Architects
  • 24/7/365 access to recorded educational modules and proprietary white papers
  • VFO Academy empowers members to successfully pass the Virtual Family Office Certification Exam and get Certified as a VFO, one of the most prestigious designations in the field of Finance.