CPA Reduces Client’s Tax Liability

  • A leading CPA who had engaged VFO Hub to provide Virtual Family Office services to his best clients had a client who was paying $2.5M in taxes on $8M of net income.
  • This client wanted to reduce taxes, protect his estate, and keep his best employees from leaving to join a competitor.
  • Fact Pattern Analytics was brought in to analyze the information and build a dynamic solution to reduce taxes by over $1M per year, which will create over $5 Million in savings over the following 5 years. They used a fraction of these tax savings to pay for an estate liquidity plan and an employee retention strategy.
  • They built an estate plan that would save the heirs of this estate over $10 Million in Estate Taxes.
  • They also built a non-qualified plan that the key employees found very attractive, and would be highly motivated to stay with this firm for at least another 10 years.
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VFO Hub Founder, Alex Sonkin, talks with Family Office Guy and Best Selling Author, Richard Muscio, about supercharging Family Offices with world class resources.