VFO Hub CPA Lands $300M Client

  • A VFO leader who was trying to engage with a client earning $300M per year, that had a number of complex issues that were not being addressed by their current CPA and planning team.
  • After engaging with VFO Hub, we were able to prepare him for this meeting and arm him with the conversational scripts, marketing material, solutions and the confidence to win this client.
  • VFO Hub introduced Fact Pattern Analytics, whose analysts have been working closely with this VFO and this $300M client to create a dynamic tax mitigation plan, combined with a wealth transfer plan, as well as a dynamic cost reduction plan that will enable this client to:
    • Save over $35M per year in taxes
    • Eliminate the estate tax problem
    • Reduce costs by $2.2M per year
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VFO Hub Founder, Alex Sonkin, talks with Family Office Guy and Best Selling Author, Richard Muscio, about supercharging Family Offices with world class resources.