Virtual Family Office Hub Certified Professionals – Why They Are Unique

WHAT Makes Virtual Family Office (VFO) Hub Professionals Unique?

VFO Hub Certified Professionals are supercharged by the Virtual Family Office (VFO) Hub, which has leveraged technology to allow affluent business owners to gain access to the resources that were traditionally only available to Billion Dollar Families.

We provide our clients with one touch access to a network of carefully vetted Best-In-Class Resources™ and Specialists. We are typically able to help our clients reduce their taxes by 50% or more beyond traditional CPA firms using over 150 dynamic strategies in various combinations, including saving over 90% of the capital gains tax bill when selling appreciated assets, such as real estate or equity in a company.


Our clients typically have assets ranging from $5 million to $150 million; or annual taxable income of $1 million to over $20 million.

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VFO Hub Founder, Alex Sonkin, talks with Family Office Guy and Best Selling Author, Richard Muscio, about supercharging Family Offices with world class resources.